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We are proud professionals with a strong work ethic. We have no hidden costs and do not use aggressive sales techniques. We believe that the work we do for you speaks for itself, satisfied customers come back for more and recommend us to others so naturally we will do our utmost to build a good and lasting business relationship with you.

We value personal service and support because we want to understand your business so we can give you sound advice and the right solutions. Whether you chose to work with your own developers or use ours we will be there for you. When disaster strikes we will be in your corner regardless of circumstances.

If you have a larger project we are more than happy to offer you a fixed price. Using Scandinavian project management methods we guarantee delivery of the highest quality and within the promised time-frame, if we feel that your goals are too ambitious we will tell you so and propose an alternative instead of breaking our promises.


We founded this company after building and managing our own websites for many years, we learned about the services we now offer the hard way. From crashed and hacked websites to poor development projects. We often used freelancers from many parts of the world and had our difficulties understanding the great many challenges posed by very significant cultural differences.

We built a company that we ourselves wished we had hired from the beginning, avoiding the many and costly mistakes we made by doing it all by ourselves and being unable to find and hire good professionals.

We are here to help you with everything you need in order to run a successful website or e-commerce business, we offer personal service by Scandinavian project managers.

We are located in Hong Kong and cater mainly to English or Scandinavian language businesses, often run by clients in the local time zone, real time contact is important and we want our clients to be able to reach us during normal business hours. Being located in the region we are also able to attend meetings when dealing with major projects or incidents.

Additional contact information:

Phone (Hong Kong): +852 67 92 55 05 – also on WhatsApp
Email: info (a)